Beast’s Facts

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this time i’ll post about Beast facts and i got it from twitter *again*, Dongsoeb lover in
u can follow them if u want c:

^^ Junhyung stated that he don’t even sure if he’s happy that Beast is very popular now. #B2STfacts
^^ “Our final goal for this year is to have our first concert successfully.” – Junhyung. #B2STfacts
^^ Kikwang is very curious on how SHINee’s Jonghyun could sing really well. And he hope to become closer with him. #B2STfacts
^^ For Yoseob, he wants to become closer with SHINee’s Jonghyun and CNBlue’s leader, Jung Yonghwa. #B2STfacts
^^ DW really cherishes his 91′ line: SHINee’s Key, FTIsland’s Jaejin, Kara’s Nicole, MBLAQ’s Mir, 2AM’s Jinwoon and Miss A’s Min. #B2STfacts
^^ Yong Junhyung picks SHINee’s Onew and MBLAQ’s Seungho. #B2STfacts
^^ Doojoon says he wants to get to know SHINee’s Minho and ZE:A’s Dongjun better so they could go play soccer together. #B2STfacts
^^ The boys revealed that Kikwang is not very updated with the latest technology. #B2STfacts
^^ Beast earned the ‘Asia Influential Artist’ Award which to be received at the 2010 Asia Song Festival this October 23rd. #B2STfacts
^^ Yoon Doojoon is placed at 5th on a poll Idol Most Wanted as Secret Lover. #B2STfacts
^^ It was revealed that Big Bang inspires Doojoon to become a singer. #B2STfacts
^^ Doojoon won the third place in JYPE audition, but later on he got eliminated and he said “Jokwon really hated me,” . #B2STfacts
^^ Hyunseung shares his birthdate as Seo InYoung and he says he wants to celebrate their birthday together. #B2STfacts
^^ Dongwoon was chosen as the member who has the best relationship with everybody. #B2STfacts
^^ A consultant said that Hyunseung and Yoseob have a relationship that doesn’t match well. #B2STfacts
^^ Hyunseung’s hobbies are surfing internet and bowling. #B2STfacts
^^ Kikwang won in a poll ‘Which Star’s Short Figure Is The Most Charming” by 36.9% votes. #B2STfacts
^^ Junhyung has the best pay in Beast. #B2STfacts
^^ Beast never thought of another group as their rivals, instead they looked up on them and learn from the other groups. #B2STfacts
^^ All rap parts in some of their songs are composed by Junhyung himself. #B2STfact
^^ “I’ll work hard so that B2UTIES will think ‘I did well in becoming B2ST fan!’.” – Yoseob #B2STfacts
^^ “When we first started off, we used a van but now we use a mini-van.” – BEAST. #B2STfacts :O
^^ The lyric of Soom was written by Junhyung. #B2STfacts
^^ In the Soom lyric, Dongwoon and Doojoon are the bad guys while Hyunseung and Kikwang are the innocent ones. #B2STfacts
^^ DJ’s line: I won’t hesitate anymore. Now I’ll throw you away. #B2STfacts (BAD!)
^^ KK’s line: Don’t go. Don’t leave me. No matter how many times I think about it, It will be hard to forget you. #B2STfacts (GOOD!)
^^ DW’s line: I’ll try to erase it. Your place isn’t here anymore. Will you step aside now? I will throw you away. #B2STfacts DAEBAK! (BAD!)
^^ Yang Yoseob has a sensitive throat. #B2STfacts
^^ Beast’s passion for this industry is unbeatable. #B2STfacts
^^ Beast is the first to have their own solo concert aside from 4minute and G.Na who are under the same company. #B2STfacts
^^ Hyunseung was eliminated from Big Bang Documentary due to his stage fright. #B2STfacts
^^ Kikwang’s current hair color symbolizes a strong but sexy feeling. #B2STfacts
^^ “BEAST isn’t the recycled group, but the rediscovered group.” – Junhyung #B2STfacts
^^ Beast revealed that Junhyung is the earliest adapter to phones. #b2stfacts
^^ From the beginning, Junhyung wants to help produce an album for Beast eventually. #b2stfacts
^^ Each of Beast members had hard times in their trainee days, so Junhyung like hearing all the compliments after they’ve debuted. #b2stfacts
^^ The reason why Junhyung nags endlessly is because he wants the boys to do well in everything. #b2stfacts
^^ At first, Junhyung only cared to keep his place clean. Until the other guys started making mess, hence- the mother role. #b2stfacts ❤
^^ Junhyung also took part in arranging 4minute’s Muzik. #b2stfacts
^^ “We don’t have hyung in Beast, we are all friends who share problems and gather together to solve it.” – Junhyung #b2stfacts
^^ Hyunseung said in an interview that he’s the type that is gentle in appearance but tough in spirit. #B2STfacts
^^ But Junhyung liked to think of it as “A group that will soon have no holes.” and persisted in practicing to reach to number one
^^ Junhyung’s ideal girl is someone with a bad attitude. #B2STfacts
^^ ”Yoseob does the weirdest things we could never imagine when we are upset. He is the best for laughter and smiles.” – Junhyung
^^ Dongwoon also mentioned about them playing & spraying water on each other.
^^ Yoseob used to be a decent & quiet boy.
^^ Hyunseung thinks that Doojoon is very charismatic.
^^ Yoseob is given the role of the group’s mood-maker. When someone is down, he would go to him & cheer him up.
^^ Kim Bumsoon sunbaenim is Yoseob’s role model.
^^ Yoseob enjoys being in variety shows. The variety shows that he wishes to be in are Family Outing & 2Days 1Night.
^^ Yoseob also wants to be in a variety show which allow him travel to different places.
^^ Yoseob is actually not the type of guy who likes to wear & pin accessories on his clothes.
^^ Casual clothings like T-shirt & caps are the clothes Yoseob prefers to wear. As quoted from Yoseob, “I wear what normal people wear.”
^^ “I appreciate friendship more than love.” – Dongwoon, but Junhyung is the opposite of that.
^^ Doojoon was quoted saying to the fans, “Until the day we reach the top, we will be fire in your hearts. We love you!”
^^ Doojoon’s mom also often advices her so to take care of his health because ‘your health is important more than anything else.’
^^ ‘Always embrace each others’ flaws, understand & encourage one another” was Doojoon’s mom advice to the members.
^^ Even though he holds the Leader title, Doojoon gets emotional easily and he cries alot, even to the littlest things.
^^ Doojoon was ashamed of himself for he failed to prevent his tears from falling when BEAST won their 1st #1 award @ M-Countdown.
^^ ‘Since I can’t be there with you to take care of you, eat well & stay
^^ Hyunseung’s method of working: Work to the best of your ability, rest (for a long time) to the best of your ability. #B2STfacts
^^ “The Doojoon hyung you see in rehearsal clips… that’s the other side of Doojoon.” – Junhyung #B2STfact
^^ Member in unison agree that Doojoon can come off ‘a bit scary’ when he puts he’s serious face. “When he’s serious, he means it.” #B2STfacts
^^ Yoseob revealed Kikwang will do anything that he can to please his fans. “He’s commitment is daebak.” #B2STfacts
^^ Dongwoon expresses music as a language and culture. #B2STfacts
^^ Kikwang thinks of music as everyday essentials. Air, food, water. “You can’t live without it.” #B2STfacts
^^ To Yoseob, music is sharing everything from the heart. #B2STfacts
^^ “It is the biggest comfort to our heart.” For Doojoon, music is a comfort to an anxious day. #B2STfacts
^^ Hyunseung thinks music takes time. “It is something you need a lifetime to complete.” #B2STfacts
^^ “You can’t just be without music.” – Junhyung. #B2STfacts

i’ll post other facts next time



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